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Assignment/Homework/Late Work Policy:

Student homework will vary. Time will be given in class to complete some assignments, but those not completed in class become homework. These are to be completed and turned in at the beginning of the next class day unless otherwise stated. You will be expected to do some assignments at home.

When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the assignments and work you missed. I won’t “hound” you for your makeup work.  When you return from an absence, please check the calendar to see what was missed. It will tell you if there are any assignments/quizzes/tests/notes you need to get from the folders or another student.  You also need to make sure you check to see when the makeup work is due. If you are absent for a quiz/test, please talk to me before or after class to schedule a time to come take it.

Assignments associated with each unit may only be turned in up to one week following the “I Can” assessment for that particular unit. After one week, the assignments expire and no credit will be given for assignments turned in after this time period. Ms. Hanks will notify students of the specific date. Assignments that are turned in after the due date but before the expiration date will receive up to a maximum of 75%. “I Can” assessments tests will only be offered for make-up for 2 weeks after they are given. After this time, there will be no make-ups given for those “I Cans.

Cheating & Plagiarism:

Cheating in any form is unacceptable. Students who cheat will receive a zero for the assignment/assessmnet, and will have their citizenship dropped to a “U”. You will be able to redo the assignment/assessment for a maximum of  50% credit.


The Diamond Fork JHS Science Department uses a knowledge mastery philosophy to assess student learning and to assign grades.  Students’ grades will be based 70% on what they know (I Can Mastery) and 30% on what they do (Assignments).  We feel this is the best way to reward students for their accomplishments while holding them accountable for learning the key concepts in science.

What is an “I Can” statement?

As a science department, we have created a list of key concepts and skills taken from the state science core.  Each item on the list is phrased in the form of an “I Can” statement that students will be able to do following instruction.  The “I Can” statements for all science classes are available on the school website (www.nebo.edu/dfjhs)

How does a student show mastery of an “I Can”?

Periodically students will be given an assessment that tests their knowledge of the “I Cans” being taught.  If they successfully demonstrate understanding of an “I Can” then they have mastered that concept.  Students who have not shown mastery of a concept must come in during E-time to get additional help until they have mastered that “I Can.”  If students have missing assignments that pertain to that “I Can” they will need to make up the assignment before being re-assessed on that concept.


How is I Can Mastery graded?

The I Can Mastery section of a student’s grade will list each of the I Can statements that students have been taught.  When students master an I Can they will receive a grade of 7, 8, 9, or 10 out of 10, depending on how well they understand the material.  This score is a representation of how well students understand a concept and the level of thinking they can do with that concept.  Students who have not successfully demonstrated a proficient understanding of I Cans may have their grade changed to an “I” regardless of how well they have done on other I Cans.  This is to get them to come in during E-time to get help on the specific topic they didn’t understand. The actual percentage of “I Cans” mastered will be reflected in mid-term and final grade reports or once a student has mastered all of the “I Cans” taught up to that point.

Grade Scale: